Your life is unique.

So is the path to becoming your true self.

How We Serve

"Archangel" by Iris Sullivan (2006).
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We specialize in helping people identify, manifest, and achieve their prenatal intentions, life purpose and mission, true vocation and callings, visions, dreams, and goals – against all odds and opposition.

When it feels like few people understand what you are experiencing and needing, or when there is uncertainty and lack of clarity about how to gain traction and forward momentum – we can help.

When every effort to make significant progress in your life, family, business, or community is hindered by resistance, obstacles, crises, ill health, the prospect of death, or other seemingly insurmountable challenges – we can help.

Every service we offer engages both exoteric and esoteric levels, as well as weaving between the material and spiritual realms.

We work effectively in love, understanding, harmony, and partnership with everyone on every path and at every stage of their life journey and spiritual pilgrimage.

"Receiving" by Iris Sullivan (2006).
Copyright (c) 2020 Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.  All rights reserved.


  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
  • Mind/Body Medicine
  • Co-Creative Medical Assistance Program
  • Crystal Healing
  • Christian Healing Ministries
  • Nature & Shamanic Healing
  • Spiritual Recovery & Restoration
  • Alchemical Nutrition
  • Flower Essences
  • Essential Oils

Personal & Spiritual Formation

  • Discipleship (all seven spiritual streams)
  • Life Coaching & Biography Work
  • Partnering Across the Threshold
  • Seer, Oracle, and Prophecy
  • Spiritual Direction & Group Spiritual Formation
  • Counseling & Guidance
  • Vocation & Destiny
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management & Conflict Resolution
  • Enneagram, Strengthsfinder, MBTI, DISC, IDAK, 16PF, CounselAid, Prepare/Enrich

Discovering Your Path to:

Health & Wholeness, Hope & Peace, Transformation & Freedom, Wisdom & Love, Enlightenment & Oneness

While it is true that every person’s route to being and becoming their truest and highest self is idiosyncratic, the very nature of being incarnated in human bodies at this time in world history means that all of us have much in common.

However, it often doesn’t feel that way.  We frequently feel misunderstood, isolated, unknown . . . and stuck.

Everything begins to change when we discover that we are not alone, that there are entire networks and communities of people and clouds of other beings who can’t wait to welcome and partner with us!

One thing that can help you find “your people” is to clarify what path(s) you have already been on – perhaps without ever fully realizing or being able to name them.  Becoming aware of these paths is like receiving a map in the wilderness.  Once you know with clarity where you are, how you got here, and where you want to go, the map offers you various route options for moving forward — while avoiding some of the risks, obstacles, and dead ends.  At times you may choose to follow one of the clearly marked trails in order to ease or speed up your progress, while at other times you may choose to create your own trail by bushwhacking cross country.

Below are examples of several well-known routes with built-in communities of people and other spiritual beings who are moving in the general direction you want and need to go.  Different religions, traditions, spiritualities, and authors put their own spin on these paths by sometimes using different words to describe them. One thing that each of these paths has in common is seven recognizable stages of development that we are invited to progress through. For example: from Seeker to Student to Servant…, or from Healing to Renewal to Growth…, etc.

As you review these examples, notice if particular words or concepts sparkle or resonate.  You may recognize yourself as already embodying some of these developmental stages.  You may also notice one or more inviting you to begin traveling in their direction!

● Seeker, Student, Servant, Teacher, Leader, Trailblazer, Sage

● Instinct, Impulse, Desire, Motivation, Aspiration, Intention, Resolve

● Knowledge, Prudence, Discretion, Insight, Discernment, Understanding, Wisdom

● Grace, Faith, Cleansing, Purification, Uprightness, Perseverance, Sanctification

● Healing, Renewal, Growth, Wholeness, Transformation, Holiness, Union

● Cognition, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, Enlightenment, Initiation, Oneness

● Recognition of God, the Life of Discipleship, the Productive Life, the Wall, the Journey Inward, the Journey Outward, the Life of Love (from Janet Hagberg & Robert Guelich, The Critical Journey)

● Knowledge of world & self, Knowledge used to free self from suffering, Knowledge used to attain meditative consciousness, Discernment replaces duty, Control over mental & emotional processes, Freedom from external natural processes, Unity with cosmic consciousness

● Disconnection from Self & Spirit, Awareness of Spiritual World, Spiritual Curiosity, Exploration & Study, Spiritual Practice, Compassion & Love for Self & Others, Spiritual Maturity

● Self-Serving & Manipulative, Organized Religion/Tradition/Spirituality, Perfecting Dogma & Practice, Everything Stops Working, Mysticism & Ecstatic Experience, Service & Selflessness, Freedom & Intimacy with God

● Unawareness and/or Rejection of Divine Reality, Awakening to Self and the Divine, Purification and Discipline of Self, Illumination by the Transcendent, Dark Night of the Soul & Dying to Self, Union with the Transcendent, Active Partnership (Marriage) with the Divine

● Ignorance & Rejection, Awareness & Attention, Character & Ethics, Asceticism, Transformation, Wisdom, Spiritual Communion

About Us

Lelan Harris
Executive Director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative

Lelan Harris

I have been consciously working “across the threshold” in partnership with the spiritual world since I was 8 years old, fulfilling many roles over the decades including mentor, teacher, pastor, counselor, professor, spiritual director, life coach, author, consultant, Waldorf school administrator, nonprofit leader, and healer.  The unifying themes running through all those roles has been healing, education, and transformation.  In every relationship and responsibility I strive to enliven growth, facilitate expansion, and empower maturation by helping individuals and communities discover connection, guidance, help, and healing at every level of body, soul, and spirit.

I am particularly dedicated to identifying, developing, training, mentoring, and healing “next generation” leaders and educators for the emerging social, spiritual, institutional, and economic cultures of our communities, nations, and world. My mentoring, discipleship, consulting, and writing focuses upon developmental materials and curriculums for children, teens, and adults.

Specialties include:

● Many modalities of energetic/miracle/magic/crystal healing that is accompanied by gifts of discernment/knowledge/wisdom and oracle/prophecy insight, all of which is accomplished in partnership with many spiritual beings but always with, through, and under the ultimate auspices of Christ and Sophia.

● Both exoteric and esoteric spiritual formation and discipleship that is inclusive of all religions, traditions, and spiritualities.

● Life coaching, mentoring, leadership development, organizational change management, and conflict resolution.

● Curriculum development, writing, and editing.

My Gallup StrengthsFinder Top 5 Themes are: Strategic, Input, Relator, Achiever, and Restorative. Rounding out my Top 10 are: Connectedness, Futuristic, Ideation, Learning, and Intellection.

My Myers-Briggs Temperament Type is a balanced INTP.

My DISC profile is S/D followed by c/i, which is the Achiever pattern in the Steadiness family, with the subtype being Front Runner.

I am also an Enneagram 5 (Observer-Investigator), the counterphobic subtype. My 4/6 wings are fairly balanced, having started out more 6 (Loyalist-Questioner) when I was younger but is now more 4 (Artist-Individualist). I think that everyone who knows me would agree that in recent years I disintegrate less often to 7 (Generalist-Adventurer), and am clearly integrating much more than previously to 8 (Challenger-Leader).

At this time, Lelan Harris is the point person for Wise Cosmos Essential Healing, but everything I do is in active partnership with co-workers around the world — and beyond. If I am unable to assist you directly, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can. All our services are offered under the umbrella of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that is comprised of a worldwide community of people and spiritual beings dedicated to the advancement of humanity, particularly with regard to endeavors and initiatives connected with Anthroposophy, Esoteric Christianity, Astrosophy, Waldorf Education, Biodynamics, Psychosophy, and Spiritual Science.

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Wise Cosmos Essential Healing
Reno – Sacramento – Minneapolis – Seattle – around the world – throughout the cosmos (I know that may sound grandiose, but we are all cosmic beings created in the image of God, and what we do on earth truly does resound in the heavens!)

You may reach me at Lelan@wisecosmoshealing.org

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